At Ekilibre, we are strongly committed to supporting the arts.

Graphic arts, theater, fashion, design, photography, literature… We strongly believe that creative talents need our help and support.
Would you like to help passionate and talented young artists ? Does investing in the development of an original creative project interest you ?

Let’s Support the Arts Together !

Cultural Patronage offers fiscal advantages

Whether you are a company or an individual, you can contribute to cultural and artistic creativity and benefit from tax exemptions in the process.

You are an individual : you can deduct 66% of your donation from your income tax, limited to 20% of your taxable income.
If the 20% cap is exceeded, your tax reduction benefit can be deferred over a 5-year period.
For example, if you donate €500 to an artist or creative project, you can deduct €330 from your income tax. Your donation will have cost you 170€.

You are a company : you can deduct 60% of your donation from your corporate income tax up to a limit of 10 000€ or 0,5% of the turnover before tax.
If you exceed this limit, you can defer the extra amount over the following 5-year period.

Even a small contribution can have a big impact !



Our projects

If you are passionate about theater, you can lend your support to Aventurine&Cies, a creative development company. More than a conventional theater producer, Aventurine&Cies promotes the development of new plays and performances.

Our latest production L’odeur des Azalées m’a subitement fait suffoquer is a dramatic comedy written by Sophie Cottin and directed by Raphaëlle Cambray. The play will be performed by talented actors, Anne Canovas and Kim Schwarck, (see presentation file).






Aventurine&Cies is a non-profit cultural organization, approved for sponsorship, and able to issue tax receipts, in the appropriate form, for each donor. For more information, please contact Caroline Berthod, Production Manager Telephone : (+3306 82 28 63 61

Caroline Berthod
86 rue de Maubeuge
75010 Paris